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  • Emma Shen

15th Cross-Strait Tea Industry Expo

At the invitation of "Strait Tea Exchange Association" and the tea industry giants in Shanghai, Shen Zhijun, chairman of "Australia Tea Association", and Jenny Li, consultant of the association, went to take part in the 15th cross-strait tea industry expo in Fujian province from November 15th to 19th.

During the meeting they visited many local tea merchants and tea factories, in particular Wuyishan Chaketu Tea Co. Ltd,

Wuyishan Shanshan xianming Tea Co. Ltd, Fujian Wuxi Tea Co. Ltd and Wuyishan Jinyun Studio, to further understand the development of Wuyi rock tea in recent years as it has quickly become a trend and is still rapidly growing.

During our stay in Wuyi Mountain, we also visited the rock tea production base of "Xiu Bamboo Tea Industry", and further understood the production process and key points of producing Da Hong Pao. Mount Wuyi not only has the world-famous Da Hong Pao series, but is also the birthplace of Chinese black tea. To this end, we also specially visited the local tea farmers "Jiuqu Yuncong" tea factory and their organic tea garden in the mountains.

During this trip to Wuyi Mountain, I not only understood the advantages of the rock tea series, but also admired the local tea industry workers in the planting environment, variety improvement and the improvement and breakthrough of processing technology of rock tea. I look forward to the future, especially the development of the Australian-Chinese tea industry.

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