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  • Emma Shen

Embrace Self-Love and Contentment: A Special Tea Event on this Love-Filled Day

On May 20th, a day brimming with affection (Chinese 520 day), Australia Tea Society Inc, in collaboration with La Moneta Charity Foundation, meticulously organized a meaningful event titled "Gifting Yourself with Self-Love and Self-Sufficiency." This event was not only a feast for the eyes and ears but also a cleansing and elevating experience for the soul.

At the outset, Jessica Shen, the president of  La Moneta Charity Foundation, invited Australia's renowned sound healing master and crystal therapist, Jasmine Wei, to bring a unique music therapy session to the ladies present (and one gentleman, James Shen).

Jasmine captivated the audience by playing various drums and Ro instruments while guiding everyone through a special infantile breathing technique. The sound waves from the instruments penetrated the body, achieving a profound relaxation and healing effect from the inside out. Under Jasmine's guidance, everyone seemed to be transported into a harmonious and peaceful musical hall, experiencing the unique charm of music.

Following the sound healing, James Shen, chairman of the Australia Tea Society Inc, took the stage to deliver an engaging tea culture lesson. He explained the origins and development of tea, and how, over five thousand years of accumulation and evolution, tea has formed today's six major categories.

James also highlighted that tea is the most exploited plant in the world, containing more than five hundred microelements beneficial to human health. The knowledge shared left the attendees in awe, expressing a deeper appreciation for the profundity of tea culture.

To allow everyone to directly experience the allure of different tea categories, James demonstrated the brewing methods for vine tea and jasmine. He emphasized the importance of "brewing tea according to its type," which means choosing the appropriate method and utensils based on the tea variety to fully reveal its color, aroma, taste, and shape.

Under James' guidance, the attendees not only savoured the sweetness and fragrance of the tea but also grasped the essence and connotations of tea art culture.

The finale of the event featured a spectacular guzheng performance by teacher Xian Meishan. The melodious tunes of the guzheng complemented the atmosphere perfectly, putting the perfect endnote to the entire event. Accompanied by the guzheng, everyone seemed to travel back to ancient times, sharing the delightful moments of fragrant tea with elegant tea masters.

Through this special "I Love You Day" event, we deeply understood the significance of self-love and sufficiency. In an era filled with competition and stress, we need to learn to care for ourselves, cherishing our physical and mental well-being. Tea, as a natural and healthy beverage, is an excellent choice for achieving self-love and self-sufficiency. By tasting, brewing, and learning about tea, we can not only enjoy the delightful flavours but also enhance our aesthetic appreciation and quality of life under the influence of tea culture.

The event hosted by Australia Tea Society Inc and La Moneta Charity Foundation was not only a successful cultural exchange and dissemination but also a beneficial exploration into self-care and improving the quality of life. We look forward to many more such events that encourage us to embrace self-love and contentment.

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