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International White Tea Conference in Fuding

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

At the invitation of the “China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs and native produce and animal by-products” and “Fuding City People's Government of Fujian Province”, the Chairman of Australia Tea Association, Mr. James Shen, and Secretary Ms. Jenny Li, attended the First International White Tea Conference in Fuding City, Fujian Province from November 27 to December 1.


James was asked to speak regarding white tea at various media and forum activities during the event. He spoke about the marketing of white tea globally, its future, as well as fully affirming the achievement of Fuding White tea. In the past few years, the proportion of white tea has doubled from the six tea categories.

At the same time, he also introduced the advantages of Australia with agricultural mechanization, biological research and extraction of tea. He hopes to cooperate with the Chinese tea industry, especially Fuding tea enterprise, on the elements and functions of white tea that are beneficial to human health and pair this with Australian scientific research institutions and universities. With the aim to conduct joint research and develop more food, health and beauty products with tea as the key element, especially the research and development of biological medicine of tea.

During the meeting, they visited many local tea merchants and tea factories, especially in the "Fujian Tianhu Tea Industry Co., LTD.", "Fujian Pinpinxiang Tea Industry Co., LTD.", "Liumiao White Tea Co., LTD." and "Fuding Dinglixiang Tea Industry Co., LTD." and so on, as they investigated and tasted tea. They also visited Taimu Mountain, the birthplace of white tea arranged by Fujian Tianhu Tea Co., LTD., to further understand the history and evolution culture of Fuding white tea, as well as the production process and differences of different types of white tea.

White tea was recorded as early as the Tang Dynasty, and the origin is said to be Taimu Mountain, Fuding City, Fujian Province. White tea is a kind of micro-fermented tea, which is one of the six types of tea. The special tea polysaccharide in white tea has a similar effect to insulin, which can reduce the amount of blood sugar in the body. The tea polyphenols and their oxidation products in white tea can promote the discharge of lipid substances, thus reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thereby reducing the deposition of lipid on the artery wall, reducing the incidence of arteriosclerosis, activating protein kinase, accelerating lipolysis, and reducing the fat content in the body. Therefore, white tea has the saying "one year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure", just like good red wine, it has value related to age.


This trip to Fuding not only deepened the understanding of the advantages and characteristics of the white tea series and its cultural history, but also the first major gathering with tea industry people from various countries after the Covid epidemic, increasing friendship between each other, especially for our Australia Tea Association in the next year's work, as well as with countries in the tea industry planting, research and development and cooperation to provide a good opportunity and platform.

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Simon Balzer
Simon Balzer
Jan 04

This is a great initiative. I've tried Jenny's teas and they are wonderful. Jenny's extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her products.

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