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  • Emma Shen

International Tea Day 2024 activations begin

Updated: May 20

On May 18, 2024,Australia Tea Society and Damei Chinese jointly organized a unique tea tasting and tea culture history interaction event as the first in this year's May 21 International Tea Day celebration series.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. James Shen, chairman of the Australian Tea Society, explained the origin and evolution of tea, and then Ms. Wang from Damei Chinese asked questions according to the content of James' speech, which deepened the children's understanding and impression of the content.

The whole activity was very lively, the children actively thought and asked questions, and the atmosphere was warm and pleasant. Vice President Jenny Li is a second-grade tea connoisseur in China. The superb tea making skills she demonstrated were not only loved by the children, but also amazed the parents, who said that they were lucky to experience real tea art and feel the profoundness of tea culture.

The planned two-hour event has been extended to more than four. As James said, the first event in the series featuring children means that our tea culture promotion activities will be as vibrant and prosperous as the children. Looking forward to a great success tomorrow with the Multicultural Club!

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