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  • Emma Shen

"Multicultural Easter Celebration, Beauty and a Healthy Cup of Tea"

With Melbourne's cultural calendar in March and April plus Easter just around the corner, a unique cultural exchange took place at the Mount Waverley Event Centre on 24 March 2024. This is not only a tea event, but also a moment when diverse cultures bloom in Australia.

Created by Australia Tea Association, the Chinese Teaman Association - Australian Exchange Center and the Multicultural Club, the "Multicultural Easter Celebration, Beauty and a Healthy Cup of Tea" activity attracted more than 30 tea lovers of different ages to gather to enjoy this unique cultural feast.

At the beginning of the event, there was a cheerful and warm atmosphere in the air. President Wu of the Multicultural Club carefully planned a series of interactive prize games to break the age barrier between participants and promote mutual understanding and communication. From the energetic young people to the octogenarians, everyone is actively involved and their faces are full of happy smiles.

These games not only enhance the cohesion of every member present, but also show the beauty of the integration of different cultures.

After lunch, the atmosphere turned quiet and calm, and one of the leaders of Mindful Peace International (MPI) came to the front desk and introduced the purpose of the school and the blueprint for its future development. The Meditation Academy, an institution dedicated to spiritual purification through tea tasting, meditation and other means, moved participants with its far-reaching ideas and resonated with their quest for inner peace.

Then, President Wu specially invited Ms. Xia to the scene and unveiled the mystery of how to use lactic acid bacteria to make yogurt. Xia's explanation is both detailed and vivid, he not only shared the health benefits of yogurt, but also brought practical demonstrations, so that everyone can taste the delicious taste at the same time, but also appreciate the charm of the perfect combination of science and life. This interdisciplinary exchange undoubtedly broadens the participants' horizons and adds a depth of knowledge to the event.

However, the most anticipated part is the tea art show. After introducing the future work plan and specific development goals of the Australia Tea Association after its reorganization and formal change into a non-profit organization, Chairman James Shen invited the secretary general Ms. Jenny Li, who brewed a variety of tea products such as “Longjing”, “Wuyi Red” and “Wuyi Yan Tea” for each member present with excellent skills.

Each tea represents the essence of Chinese tea culture, and Jenny Li's skillful technique and deep understanding of tea leaves amazed the attendees. She not only showcases different grades of high-end tea, but more importantly inspires people's interest and enthusiasm for the art of tea tasting.

Throughout the event, the "Chibi brick tea" provided by Mr. James Shen ran through like a clear stream, and its unique aroma and mellow taste became the focus of people's discussion and taste. This tea with regional characteristics not only enriched the taste bud experience of the participants, but also told a story about tea in silence, and intangibly built a bridge linking the tea culture exchange between Australia and Chibi and the tea producing places, as well as the inheritance of its history and culture.

With the successful conclusion of the activity, each member's face was filled with not only satisfaction and happiness, but also the excitement of the new understanding of tea culture. The "Multicultural Easter Celebration, Beauty and a Healthy Cup of Tea" activity not only enhanced the exchange and understanding between cultures, but also added a unique touch of tea fragrance to Australia, a melting pot of diverse cultures. Such an event is undoubtedly the best proof of cultural integration and sharing, and is also a milestone in the development of Australian tea culture.

Finaly, all the Australia Tea Association members wish everyone, especially tea people around the world a Happy Easter!

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