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Second event celebrating International Tea Day 2024

On May 19, a unique and rich tea culture activity took place at Mount Waverley. The event, jointly organised by Australia Tea Society and the Multicultural Club, aims to promote tea culture, cultural exchange, and to celebrate the arrival of the“5th International Tea Day” under the theme of "learn about 5,000 years of heritage and elegance, enjoy the charm of a cup of tea".

This event, the second in a series of Australia Tea Society "International Tea Day" celebrations, attracted many leading figures from the Chinese community, such as Ms. Qin Ling, President of Juao Media, Ms. Chen Ya, President of Wannian Chinese Association, and Mr. Guo Huachun, Secretary-General of Shanghai Association.

Their arrival not only added a strong cultural atmosphere to the event, but also reflected the extensive influence and profound heritage of tea culture.

The Multicultural Club President Ms. Wu welcomed and introduced everyone. Then, Mr. James Shen, Chairman of Australia Tea Society, delivered an impassioned speech. He explained the thousand-year evolution of tea culture, as well as the origin and significance of "International Tea Day". Through his explanation, everyone became more clear about the importance of healthy tea drinking and had a deeper understanding of tea culture.

Then Ms. Jenny Li, Vice Chairman of Australia Tea Society, gave a wonderful tea making performance. She skilfully operated the tea set and explained the steps and precautions for proper tea brewing while brewing tea. She stressed that tea making is not only a process, but also an art, which needs to be understood and practiced with heart.

At the same time, she also introduced different tea brewing methods such as up-pouring method, cup wall downflow method and high flushing method, so that everyone can appreciate the broad and profound tea culture.

In the process of brewing tea, Ms. Jenny Li also shared the essence of tea ceremony and the connotation of tea culture with everyone. She pointed out that the tea ceremony is not only a way of life, but also a spiritual pursuit. By tasting tea, people can cultivate their sentiments, cultivate their self-cultivation, and achieve spiritual purification and sublimation.

The highlight of this event is the interaction session after tea tasting. We sat together, and talk about each other’s experiences while tasting the delicious tea. As Chairman Shen said, the event is only a platform, the real meaning is to meet friends through tea, find solidarity, and cooperation. Through this activity, we not only enhanced mutual understanding and friendship, but also stimulated more people's interest and love for tea culture.

The successful holding of this Australian tea culture event not only shows the unique charm and profound heritage of tea culture, but also promotes the exchange and integration between different cultures. We believe that in the coming days, tea culture will continue to shine on the land of Australia and become a bridge and bond connecting people's hearts.

At the same time, we also look forward to more tea culture activities to be held, so that more people can understand tea culture, fall in love with tea culture, and jointly inherit and carry forward these 5,000 years of valuable wealth. Tea culture is not only China, but also the world, it needs the participation and promotion of every one of us, to make this common spiritual wealth of mankind glow more brilliant.

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