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  • Emma Shen

Tea education and tasting

On February 25 2024, Australia Tea Association, together with the Multicultural Club and Mindful Peace International (MPI), successfully held a tea party at MPI house on the theme of Zen and tea.

First, MPI showed their Zen tea ceremony. Through the experience, people not only tasted a good cup of tea, but also realized the pleasure and relaxation that tea gives to the body and mind.

Then James Shen, chairman of the Australia Tea Association, covered the origin of tea, tea culture, its history and the influence of Zen in the tea culture history. Under the questions of the attender, James also emphasized that the development of tea culture is closely related to people's livelihood, folk customs, food customs, different regions and eating habits lead to different tea varieties.

Two particular teas sampled on the day were Enshi Yulu and brick tea. This session not only let everyone understand the broad and profoundness of Chinese tea culture, but also let everyone taste and understand the knowledge of tea culture.

The event was a great success and everyone said they were looking forward to a similar event next Sunday which will be held at the Glen Waverley community center at 11am.

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